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On the road again

Today I woke up in a beautiful cabin in Raglan overlooking the ocean, hearing the waves crash and birds sing. The sun kissing my skin as I’m writing my morning pages, looking up every couple of minutes to take it all in. I’m here. A little dream that popped in my head a long time ago, spiralling up to the surface until there was no denying possible. I needed to hit the road.

For many reasons, I felt like reconnecting with my wanderlusting soul. First of all to see this phenomenal country. So much beauty, and no more lockdown. I’ve also been working my ass off for the past seven months. Ready for summer travels and festivals. My van has been living a quiet life, she was ready to get dusted off and back to what she’s best at: adventures! Travels! Camping trips!

Another reason why I’ve been strangely quiet on this blog and why the road has been calling more than ever: I decided to move out of the house. Moving into a small room with my love after five months of long distance was impulsive, crazy, amazing, passionate and intense. Very intense. It seems like we forgot to take one step in starting a relationship: the dating part. My favourite! To go on dates, spend quality time together, do all the fun things, have sleepovers and when you’re done: you go home and do your own thing. Aaahhh the revelation of dating magic!

You ask me why I’m telling you about the hard past weeks I’ve been having, filled with tears and difficult conversations with the person I love so much I wanted to step away from him to give him, myself and the relationship a breather? And why am I even telling you THIS? None of your business, you say? Could be right, but I never attempted to write only about the happy times. It’s been a fucking rollercoaster and it’s hard and sad and beautiful and magical and it is life.

Let’s break the taboo and talk about this stuff. Relationships are absolutely incredibly fulfilling but also crazy hard work. Two different lives coming together, merging into one. It’s so easy to lose yourself. Instead we’re now working on having our two lives and a third shared one. Another taboo bubble I’ll happily pop for ya: therapy. It is flipping magic. Treat yourself to a talk with a professional. It might just change your life for the better.

Who knew two weeks of living apart could be so healing? Time to reconnect with ourselves and our friends, doing things we enjoy without constantly feeling like we have to check in with the other. Taking each other out on dates. A passionate weekend like new lovers before saying bye for now, I’m going travelling, see you in two weeks for more dating fun. My heart flutters as I take a step back to allow many steps forward. I’m nervous and excited and so ready for this new chapter.

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