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One year in Spain

Valencia! It’s been one year of living in you. You, glorious place made of dreams. Where scents of paella ambush your nostrils from every direction. Tourists sweat and yell and so do I because holy smokes it gets hot. The volume button on my voice and enthusiasm is switched riiiight up. Where sweet drinks get you tipsy on life in the heat of sultry summer afternoons.

Where afternoons melt into evenings as the sky is set on fire. All streets start to shimmer when the sun waves the day goodbye and changes outfit for the night. Lavender hues paint the clouds as that big orange ball of a moon climbs out of the ocean. Skinny dips late at night after dancing salsa on the stars in the sand. I swear I tasted magic that night.

I always crave magic. It’s my default setting. I’ve roamed the world following stardust crumbs wherever they may lead me. Every path has shown me magic is in the mundane. The secret is to find it. It’s about celebrating what you can celebrate. All of it. Living in this city has allowed the necessary space for my mind to wander. To frolic around in my imagination. Dreamy days in pastel colours, out of my window I would fly.

Flying and falling have been a part of life here. Falling in love so deeply the limits are seemingly non-existent. I used to be scared to love too hard. Spain turned that switch right up too and now all I want to do is decorate my body with his. Paint poems across the city streets for everyone to see. My heart is on fire and Valencia sparked the flame.

It's been one year and I’m neither tourist nor local. I’m a stationary wanderer. A rooted traveller. Adventuring in a place I fall head over heels for every day.

Valencia, I love to call you home.

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It’s a real possibility we move there… planning to visit and see how we vibe there.

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