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Poetic itch

To all you gorgeous folk in lockdown and/or out in the open: if your itch for poetry has become too strong to handle, your yearning to daydream while inhaling the pages of a glorious golden lettered book of illustrations and poems is all you can think about? The time has come to scratch that itch, quench your thirst and satisfy your desire. Look no further! You are exactly where you need to be: on my blog, offering you the link to my web shop.

I have a web shop! Did you know? I’ve been dreaming of having a real shop somewhere that opens its doors a couple of evenings a week, with live music and espresso martinis flowing as people browse vintage clothes, vinyl, books. That vibe. I close my eyes and feel it will happen one day. But until then: an online shop. Where you can play your own favourite tunes while strolling and scrolling. Where postcards and poetry books long to be bought and read and sent and loved.

Treat yourself or a friend to a sweet soothing poetry book, a cute postcard or a very exclusive unique poem. Yes! I write commissioned poems. A succession of words created especially for you! A unique one-of-a-kind slice of delicious poetry for you or a beloved to devour. Send me details of what you are looking for: a special gift for a birthday / wedding / love / support / gratitude / ... Anything is possible here! Go wild. I'll go wild too. It’s lockdown and this woman in ready to WRITE, baby!

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