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Port wine in summertime

Girl I've been making love all night

fell asleep to the taste of sweet port wine

he made the sun set in my third eye

all went dark until that full moon rise

a deep red perfect stain of wine

in the middle of the black night sky

then a big ball of orange fire

I felt so in Valencia

scents of citrus after dark

orange blossoms in the park

essential oils straight from the peel

zest for life how you make me feel

I bite my lips and taste everything

summer of love here to begin

you took your guitar to the beach

serenaded the morning so sweet

writing topless words in the sand

me my morning pages his guitar this man

how is every day a holiday

my skin sun kissed long before May

your body ends where mine begins

the endless summer we're in

psychedelic patterns of clouds passing by

orange yellow red as I close my eyes

life inside my eyelids

life between your soft lips

ooh summertime

sweet like port wine

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