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Rainy day dream come true

I don’t know if I can still blame lockdown, but I’m sucked into my phone more than ever. Social media for breakfast lunch dinner and what a rabbit hole it is indeed! All of a sudden I’m following couples who wear matching outfits every day, women who I don’t know who share their entire pregnancy journey and mostly I find myself zoning out while scrolling through travel pictures of complete strangers in Greece, Italy, Spain.

We’ve been out of lockdown for two weeks now, but my inner lockdown is still busy being, hanging around and honestly not doing a whole lot. First I was stuck at home without wheels, staring somberly at my little old granny car and its broken window. And now that it’s all fixed up and ready to roll (yay! Freedom!), it has been raining non-stop. To peel my eyes and lost time off my phone I have been diving deep into books. Three at a time to keep me from losing interest.

One about an African overland journey I am reading with my love. Which means we progress maybe twenty pages every couple of weeks. Then my study book, The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying. I was looking for something a bit lighter to read when my mind wasn’t too much in the mood for death. Inspiration came from my last blog post and more specifically the person who tried to steal my car but ended up taking a book instead.

So I started reading The Book Thief and I'm finding myself in a sweet little book club containing exactly two members whose granny hearts are ecstatic to be part of a rainy day dream come true: our very own book club! What happened is my friend Linda started reading the book at the same time. That’s it. But it is such a motivation for this super slow reader to read just a little bit faster maybe knowing someone else is reading those same words, eager to meet up at a point in time with a glass of wine and discuss. If you want to join us, please do! Zoom book club, anyone? Am I too young to get really excited about this?

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What book are you reading now? I might be up for a zoom book club! 😆

Joke De Roeck
Joke De Roeck
02 nov. 2021

Still The Book Thief! Turns out we're very slow readers ha! Join in!!!

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