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Starting a new year in style

A yearly celebration with friends, all gathered together in one house in the south of Belgium for one sweet week. My favourite week of the year! You can imagine I was beside myself with happiness when my quarantine was finished right on time to pack my bags, hop in a car and get dressed my glitter best for new years eve in our loud, chaotic, cosy house of fun.

Zero to a hundred, baby! From ten days locked up in a house by myself, reading, writing and sleeping a lot… To a week with twelve friends and their three little children, all ready to party and not ready to sleep. Snoozing is losing! I decided sleeping makes me miss out on epic moments with friends, so I spent many nightly hours in the jacuzzi with a bunch of my favourite humans and bottomless bottles of cava, singing Britney songs. All of them. My idea of a good time!

As usual, I start the year voiceless and tired, and happy as can be. These days are for cosying up again, reading books in front of the fireplace. But first: going through all the pictures of the past week, laughing, crying tears of joy thinking how sweet is life with these hilarious friends by my side. The only thing that makes me actually cry tears of sadness is the fact that some friends couldn't join us in the festivities because of covid! Damn you covid! May the next year bring health, freedom and love, always!

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