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Summer of love

When an entire summer of love fits into one day you end the night falling asleep with a body sore from moving salty from sea and sweat tired from living a whole summer of lust in one delicious day riding bikes til we hit the ground throwing all clothes around skinny dips in the waves every wave like the one you make my body curl and unfurl I feel like the most luscious bloom blossoming under your breath bathe me in your sweat nothing matters anymore there is no world outside of the bed you and I sweet afternoon delight Mystic Braves soundtrack to a dream of a day temperatures rising baby it's only may how am I supposed to do actual summer in Spain when today has got me dripping like rain you dry my wet by taking me to the beach and yet the first thing I do is get in swim in the ocean until I grow fins I lose total track of time you pull me ashore wrap your body around mine and kiss me some more

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