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The Thing That Needs To Be Done

What works for you when you feel blocked, energy stagnant, forever procrastinating the creative juiciness? There are always things to get done at home, aren’t there? I don’t know when this started, but all of a sudden I feel the urge to do the dishes, sweep the floors and put on a load of washing before I can even flip open my laptop to start writing. Or worse: while brewing a first cup of coffee and attempting to write my morning pages, I find myself endlessly scrolling on my phone. My eyes are magnets for anything that reeks of procrastination and distraction.


So I wonder: what do people do to get stuff done? This question is coming from someone who never finishes things. Maybe you were born with self-discipline, maybe you are like me and need to give your apartment a full makeover before you can sit down to write a blog post.


Deadlines actually work well for me, they’ve always given me some kind of weird kick. I find pleasure in postponing the thing that needs to be done until an hour before the deadline. I pack my bag right before leaving to the airport. I used to start studying for all my exams the night before. And it worked! I reach a point where I literally don’t have time to distract myself, I get into some sort of productivity trance and I get the thing done! Right on time, with not a minute to spare.


Over the years I’ve grown quite addicted to that feeling of flow I find myself in when having my full focus on something. An altered state of concentration where I forget about my phone, laundry, food. As if in a deep meditation, all bodily functions are on hold. I don’t feel hungry or thirsty, I just become one with The Thing That Needs To Be Done and only when it’s finished, I come back to my body.

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