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To be weird

Sometimes I need to remind myself

it’s okay

to be strange

awkward antisocial on a different planet in my own world

I get that a lot

so much that sometimes I wonder what it looks like

to be living amongst others

normal physical spiritual economical intelligent paying rent and

have a shiny resume too

feet down

grounded in a reality created by others

how tiring

how utterly boring

having to climb down my fluffy cloud to explain my weird ways

to people who want everyone to be just like them because

it is the only right way to behave

Happy poetry day dear Flems and Dutchies! Today marks the start of a week filled with poems and celebrations of the wonderful world of words. I share with you 'To be weird', one of my favourite poems from our book of poetry and illustration, Poison Ivy. Get your hands on a copy here!

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