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The first week of October lasted about a flutter of the eyelashes. So did the entire month of September. I guess that’s what it feels like to work full time? I seemed to have forgotten the effects 40-hour work weeks have on the perception of time and life in general. I get a lot more done in a day, prioritising social life which is probably why I haven’t sat down and written a blog post since mid September.

I picked a card while writing this and it says transformation. Yes, I’m that easily distracted. If I should describe September in one word I couldn’t have done it better than that little card. I don’t know about you but September always feels like new year to me. Especially after moving to Valencia, the city that literally shuts down for a month in August.

September is the rebirth, the renewal of life around here. Locals come back from their seaside vacation homes, tourists flood the terraces and while other places in Europe might be getting colder, the beaches here are still packed with people sunbathing and swimming in soupy warm water.

The transition has been an abrupt one, the transformation slow and steady. It had to happen. Arriving home, taking time to land, deep cleaning my apartment, my life, myself, inside and out. What no longer serves had to go, creating space for the new. After summer I was buzzing with a different energy.

The first thing that had to change was my hair. It’s been five years since I last visited a hairdresser so I was stoked when I got invited for a free cut and colour at an academy. I walked out with the biggest grin on my face, happy to be a redhead again. To go with the new look: the fresh new job, which automatically comes with a fresh new rhythm. This is probably the first time in my 1,5 years of living in Spain I am waking up at 7am. Three weeks in and still getting used to rising before the sun.

I can’t even compare my reality now with the one I was creating a month ago. Back then I was navigating potential outcomes of a relationship crisis, floating high while solid ground seemed impossible to touch, never sure, lost again. Now I’m feeling grounded and stable in my choices and day-to-day, nurturing heart and soul, standing knee-deep in the flow of life.

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