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Winter time granny time

You know winter is on its way when:

You don’t mind working nightshifts, so you miss the coldest part of the night and you can sleep right through the grey rainy day.

You switch to red wine (from white wine).

You plan your birthday party around the theme ‘granny’ so you have an excuse to just hang out with friends all afternoon and eat a lot of good food. And call it a party.

You are excited to go to this epic Latin party but get there early and leave before it actually kicks off… To go home, run a hot bath, pour a glass of vino and read your book until the water gets cold.

You are wearing fluffy socks and hiking boots on your daily (previously barefoot) beach walk.

Call me a granny, but I am enjoying this hibernation mode I’m currently living in. Anything to be cosy. Cosiness is life! My life anyway, ha! I’m writing this as I’m sitting here in my house coat and fuzzy slippers, drinking tea and eating chocolate cake. Cosiness, baby. That’s what it’s all about. I said it five years ago and I'll say it again: I'm happy to skip the whole motherhood thing and just be a grandmother. To anyone who feels the same: be the granny you are! Own it! To all grandmothers: you rock my world. So much love, wisdom, cosiness and recipes that leave masterchefs puzzled, all in one person.

Who run the world?


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