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You know what I love

You know what I love?

Saying I love you

Three days into knowing you

Heart explosions

Hard positions

Intense everything

Yes to anything

Adding baby to my vocabulary

Every day out of the ordinary

You take me places

Ooh baby

The places you take me in

Lust dripping from your chin

Forgetting what world I’m in

The real or the dream

The saint or the sin

Has it really only been

Three days of eating your skin

For lunch and breakfast

Time does move fast

Five hours in five minutes

Next thing you’re cooking me dinner

Balcony wine candle moonrise

Sunset red starry night skies

Every time I close my eyes

You lift a piece of the veil

Show me these lands faraway

Everything is smooth

All is good

Really good


We’re only three days in

And saying

I love you

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