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Bless the boy

Praise! The man on hands and knees asking a woman for forgiveness.

Praise the man pushing a woman's head down, like life is a porn movie an he is the star.

Praise the man who contains more alcohol than blood, because he is the fucking man.

Praise the alpha male, for being his alpha manly self.

For laughing in the feminist's face, spitting words like they mean more.

Showing up three hours late like his time is worth more than hers.

Praise the romantic man, taking his girl for a sunset on the beach.

Only to film the cheesy scene and send it to his ex.

Praise the men who don't want to commit.

Bless their little hearts.

Bless their little dicks.

Praise the men who put truth first. Being true to four women at a time, without them knowing.

Silence as a virtue.

Praise the liars, for letting us girls throw our hands up as a sign of a deja vu: again!

Saying, smiling, boys will be boys.

Praise the promise I made to myself one too many times:

when I grow up, I want to be a lesbian.

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