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Las Fallas

Valencia was not only about tapas, sangria and strolls down Memory Lane. It was no coincidence we chose to visit our Erasmus home town that specific weekend in March... It was Las Fallas! A huge festival taking over the entire city, colouring the streets, massive statues smiling at you on every corner, waiting to be admired, photographed, then ruthlessly burned to ashes.

The start of spring is celebrated in Valencia with the largest street festival in Europe. One week of fireworks, fiesta, giant puppets, fire crackers, noise night and day and no siesta. Welcome! The city turns into one big party and everyone is invited. Little ones, oldies and everything in between.

This grandma is still recovering from a weekend of non stop music, churros, firecrackers ringing in my head. When I close my eyes, I still see colours. We danced and watched the 2 am fireworks, eating early morning pastries as all bakeries and bars were open 24/7 during the week of no sleep.

It was as if the city was on magic mushrooms, large cartoonish statues growing out of the cracks in the pavement. Women in beautiful gowns, walking slowly in never ending parades. Life felt like it was stuck in a loop. Every day again the parades, fireworks, fiesta. It was a magical way to say goodbye to winter. By dancing in the streets, yelling at every firecracker and rolling around in the comfortable and temporary cocoon of a festival. And now, I'm ready for spring.

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