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Feels good

Feels good to be home

home, where the heart overflows

into bowls of steaming pho

soothe your soul take off your clothes slip on a fluffy robe

you’re home

nowhere else to go

I’ll run you a bath

dip my toes in foam until I find what I was looking for

your skin like a starry sky covered in water drops

I count them one by one with my tongue

have you ever tasted night air

on a beach waves rushing in crashing

leaving treasures you keep on a

string around your neck

as a memory of the day we fell in love?

Seeing yourself in my eyes

leaving no room for disguise

I pinch myself

close my eyes and open them

that’s all the time you needed

to build a home plant a seed

grow a treehouse in my soul

you’re far away but I hold you close

you’ll write songs and

I’ll write poems

journey within some more

taking time to fill up our cups

then do nothing but love each other up

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