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A Night Of Poetry

Hello, lovers! What has everybody been up to and are you all just as excited as I am that AUTUMN IS HERE? This little troll is finally coming out of her airconditioned cave to play again! Temperatures are way below 40 degrees and my smile and arms are wrapped in fluffy sweaters. Too much? It’s still like 28 degrees. I am just so friggin happy my favourite season of cosiness has arrived and for the next months I am planning on doing nothing if it’s not cosy, fluffy or sexy.

That’s why I want to tell you all about this Night Of Poetry I’m organising NEXT WEEK. If you are in Valencia or feel the urge to hop on a plane here: it’s happening Thursday 6 October at 8PM at Bloom Gallery. Just imagine all your wildest poetic cosy sexy dreams come true. Add beautiful art and my awkward red face and there you go: a night of Poetic Delight!

I will present my latest book Poison Ivy, while dipping into my first book Visions of Paradise and lifting maybe a slight piece of the veil of my third book, which is being written as we speak. All wrapped in a tight cling film foil of travel stories with definitely some wanderings off topic as it’s me who will be doing the talking. I will tell you about my muses. I will talk about the gazillion times I fell in love and I will most probably give you too much information. I might also end up explaining my enthusiasm for cyclical living in the loudest, most passionate voice I can find deep in my trembling self.

Oh, and some poems in between.

Also there will be wine so will you come and say hi and stay for the awkward stories about me being my weird self and my reading poems to you? For once, you don’t have to make the effort of hurting your eyes reading my words on your screen. I will just talk to your face and you can even close your eyes if you like as long as your ears stay open. I’d love to share with you what I’ve been up to in life, which in my case is kinda like wearing a poetic glitter gown with awkward stories, travel tales and love letters sown in the seams.

Thank you, Bloom Gallery, for hosting this night. Thank you, audience. And thank you, readers of this blog that has been going for ten years and nearly 500 posts. Holy moly. That’s a lot of messages sent from my pink fuzzy cloudy planet to the wwweb. I like real life meetings. See you at Bloom Gallery?

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