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Afternoon vinyl poetry

This afternoon I played that record where

You sing remember the love we made

Of course you’re not singing to me

But now you’re asking I do actually

Remember the last time we met late

At night in a fancy hotel room in Brussels

I was impressed and laughed you’ve come a long way

From that crappy cheap hotel in the center

Where we barged into drunk and loud

I parked my bike right then and there

In the middle of the reception and

As a miracle it was still there the next day

The exact spot

It must have been the first time in years

I took an elevator

I don’t think I even realised I was in one

My desire took over my claustrophobia

Even in your room which

Was about the size of an elevator

We travelled to a place also known as

The planet I go to when the

Lovemaking is a trip

I snapped back to earth when you asked me

In the most vulnerable moment

What I really thought of your

Show I said good just

Take off your sunglasses next time

Feels like you’re putting up a wall

Between the audience and yourself

I said as he was literally in me

He said yeah and took me back to space

He never did take off those glasses on stage

I didn’t care I knew after the show I’d take it all off

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