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Merry covid and a happy Bon Jovi!

Nothing says 'welcome to Belgium' more than getting covid two weeks after arriving. Seriously, how do people do it, living here and not getting covid for two years already? I applaud you. I guess this is my punishment for hugging friends and catching up without wearing a mask, ha. I do feel like the grinch since I stole our family’s Christmas this year, hiding in my room delirious with fever and all dinner party plans out the door.

Luckily my family doesn’t mind keeping their Christmas tree and decorations up a little bit longer so we can gather in the right spirit in a few weeks time. I couldn't be more grateful for a family of sweet humans who come by to check on me, surprise me with yummy food and stories in open air. Darling friends calling me, making me feel better about the whole situation (like feeling like the grinch), sending gifts and virtual hugs.

It took me a while to grow the courage to tell friends I have covid. As if it’s some kind of yuck disease I should be ashamed to have. Kinda like an STD without the sex but with the taboo. To have this super contagious virus living with me rent-free. As many others right now, I’m stuck at home for ten days. And in the midst of these busy holidays and transitioning from summer to winter (yes I’m still getting used to it), it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

I actually don’t remember when last I spent time all by myself. It's quite nice to be home alone, not allowed to go anywhere and see anyone. Drinking bottomless cups of tea while watching the rain pour, reading books under a blankie, writing poems, listening to music, and the highlight of my day every day: dust off the Ally McBeal DVD-box and watch all episodes. Crushing on plumber Bon Jovi, feeling like a teenager again. Life's pretty great.

Wishing you all a year filled with simple little pleasures. May we allow ourselves to celebrate the frivolous, light-hearted parts of life. And may all our plumbing be fixed by young Bon Jovi. Cheers!

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