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Procrastination queen

This third poetry book has been on my procrastination pile, mind and to do list where it has been collecting dust. To be a procrastination queen is nice sometimes because so many people can relate and I don’t feel alone on my procrastination throne. So many of you are here! But, you know. For once in my life I’d like to get something done.

Last Monday night I was feeling strangely energised. It might have been the full moon, or that magic cacao from Saturday night. I don’t know what it was but all of a sudden I got my period 10 days early and I was feeling fancy wearing jewelry at home (combined with sweat pants. I’m still at home), sipping expensive wine (the bottle costs more than €3: expensive), buying myself strawberries, chocolate and truffle cheese (gracias Lidl). Really loving myself up, ya know. Is it Valentine’s already?

What to do with all this energy though? I wrote all my copywriting things, I cooked about five different meals with the ingredients I found in my fridge, did laundry, wrote love letters and at that point I had absolutely ran out of excuses not to work on my poetry book. The night is young, I thought, and the wine is cold. When I'm on my period there is always one night I never seem to get drunk and then there is the night one sip hits me like a hammer. So this is the first night an I’m riding the wave.

I fill the room with muses, Little Simz and Young Fathers blasting, and of course the forever favourite Tank and The Bangas Tiny Desk concert. Candle light, shake it off, let’s go.

To all fellow procrastinators, I believe in divine timing and that there is a reason we might be leaving work we actually want to do on the forever to do list. Until it’s done it will be living in our head anyway, so no need to be afraid it will leave us. Sometimes trying to get it done feels forced and difficult, and then there is that moment it all just flows, easily and effortlessly.

When that moment arrives, get down from that procrastination throne and allow the inspiration to carry you as if it were a magic carpet. Maybe some cacao might help.

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